Monday, 2 June 2008

Norway! Yes Way!

There is one other Norway based joke I use way too often, the one about wondering how i can a-fjord it. This was my second trip to Norway. The first time me and my girlfriend went we visited some friends of her's on the east coast in Bergen where the surrounding scenery is imposing, picture postcard Norway with towering mountains and deep fjords. This time we stayed at her mum's hytte (log cabin) in the flatter, greener farming area outside Oslo. The weather was amazing most of the time we were there, with the hire Golf's dashboard blinking 28C on the way back to the airport. As i'd tweaked my ankle before we left we didn't get to go out walking in the wilds at all so i spent some of my time helping tear down a panelled stud wall in the hytte and some of the time driving out through the wilderness, scoping the place out for a return trip in the summer when we'll wild camp in the Rondane National Park, a five hour drive from the hytte. All of the time though i was scoffing ibuprofen in an attempt to heal my ankle which really just needed ice and rest. I'm looking forward to going back. The river water is clear, cold and sweet. The backdrop is jaw dropping snow capped mountains... and you're MILES from anywhere.

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