Monday, 2 June 2008

It started with The Beano

What do you do when you're off work because of illness or injury? When I was a kid and I used to have a day off school sick my Nan used to go round to the paper shop and bring me back a Beano comic or maybe even Victor (Anyone remember Joe Bones the Human Fly or Hammer Man?). I used to sit there, on the sofa made up like a bed, and watch three TV channels and read my Beano or Victor. Over the years this tradition developed from The Beano to fishing magazines, bike magazines, four TV channels, Sinclair Spectrum, VHS videos, heavy metal magazines, Nintendo, more bike magazines, Playstation, more TV stations, Playstaion 2, DVDs, Xbox and now the internet with it's mahoosive choice of subject matter and near instantaneous access. So lying here, my ankle on ice after tweaking it running over the local heath, laptop in my, well, lap obviously and dosed up on ibuprofen I decided to start this blog. Not sure why, somewhere to vent maybe, somewhere to share or just something to do. We'll see, it'll evolve over time no doubt.

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