Tuesday, 3 June 2008

I'm in love

See what happens when i'm left to my own devices? Off work and with the internet at my disposal i fell in love. Words can't descibe the feeling of lust. One day i will posses this intoxicating creature. Worst of all, it won't make me a better person or fullfil me spiritually. Ladies and gentlemen, i give you the Snowpeak Titanium mug, in green of course. It'll keep my brew warm, thats how i'll justify it to myself.


Hendrik M said...

Where did you get your Snowpeak cup? I'm in the market for a cup, and this looks like a fine one.

Holdfast said...

Hendrik - from an Ebay shop that appears to sadly no longer be in business :-(

The Snowpeak truly is a king among mugs!