Friday, 6 March 2009

You gotta get up to get down

Had an awesome day in the mountains about an hour east of Bergen. We drove to a ski resort called Kvamskogen which has several lifts and alpine slopes and 60 km of prepared Nordic trails snaking off into the hills. When you get to the end of the prepared trails? Well the mountains just keep going and we spent the day exploring on our cross country skis. We found a deserted hill to practice our downhill skills and after 2 hours of going up and down the same hill we felt we'd learned a lot, gained a lot of confidence and had a fantastic afternoon in pretty wet heavy snow conditions. We even managed to make it all the way back down to the resort without falling once. A record. The borrowed car had to go back this evening... but there is a chance of more skiing on Sunday, if we can recover from tomorrow's planned hike up our backyard mountain with some friends. Weather forecast: Ugly.


Nielsen Brown said...

I was going to comment about the carbo loading but ...

However, I hope the trip to IKEA was successful, I have the sad record of assembling IKEA furniture in 4 different countries in 3 continents. Sadly these assemblies have remained in each of the countries presumably for recycling.

As for the weather it looks a bit foggy out there, here it is no snow and grey still.

Holdfast said...

Nielsen - the photo is deceiving, it wasn't fog but thick wet snow that fell all day and soaked everything. I prefer softshell clothing when cross country skiing due to it's breathability. As long as you keep moving you stay warm.

I'm not a fan of IKEA's furniture for that very reason but I have to admit to buying one rather large piece of their furniture in the past that I hope is being reused and not dumped in landfill. This time we purchased nothing more than large dinners, towels and storage boxes.