Friday, 6 March 2009

The Art of Carbo-Loading - Scandinavia Style

We've been lent a car for 24 hours so a quick wish list was drawn up of where we could go with wheels for once. IKEA and skiing were top of our lists. In the evening we went to the land of semi-disposable Swedish furniture primarily to partake in two great traditions: the Swedish Meatballs for me (Large portion obviously - 23 meatballs, 4 spuds, cranberry sauce and gravy) and the more local dish - raspeboller (dumplings) for M. Served with a hunk of pork, a sausage, creamed kohlrabi and bacon bits fried in bacon fat. Fuel tank full.


Anonymous said...

I notice we only get to see M's lightweight dish and not your 'Fat boy' portion!!! After seeing your pic of a 'look what we've found! boil-in-the bag fodder, tried one myself today while out in the New Forest with your Bro' and his M, best couple of quid I've spent on food for a long! thought the water for the brew afterwards had a faint tang of something, but passable. Saw Capt' America on Friday sends his best. Talk soon

The old man

Holdfast said...

The Old Man - I was getting funny looks from the locals when I started taking photos!

Did you have the Rabbit LWWF meal? Hopefully Nielsen will try one out in his dehydrator and we'll know if we're on to cheap, super-tasty, super-light camp fodder.

Hope you had a good time in the New Forest.