Thursday, 2 October 2008

Ideal weather for trolls?

My man-flu abated today so we had a quick run out, up and down Ulriken in the back yard, just to blow out the cobwebs after a week and a half of nothing more strenuous than walking to or from work. I also got to try out my new Norheim winter troos despite it being a bit warm for that sort of thing just yet. In fact, stopping for lunch at 600+ metres is just the place for that sort of thing and M also coveted my Flux. We're also trying to work out if we can escape this weather for my up coming birthday weekend and find some sunshine and hopefully snow (woop woop!) between a couple of hyttes. To make us feel better when the weather in Bergen is rubbish we look at this weather. Maybe the trolls move slower in -35C.

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