Saturday, 7 June 2008

"You're not a man 'til you've pulled a tooth out with a pair of pliers."

Finally made it outside the flat. Went to work yesterday and spent most of the time ploughing through two weeks of pointless e-mails. Got a phone call from my friend Pete who said he was going walking along the South West Coastal Path over the weekend and wanted to know if I would join him. Sorely tempted but i want to get my ankle up to strength slowly so I had to decline. We ordered pizza last night (couldn't be bothered to cook for once) and drank a couple of lonely Tiger beers from the fridge whilst watching Deadliest Catch. Today's post title was uttered by Phil Harris, captain of the crabbing boat Cornelia Marie whilst out on the Bering Sea. Don't know why this programme is so compelling but I love it. Maybe it's because I can't believe what some people do for a living, in such a hideous environment. Puts everything into perspective when someone in my office complains about the air conditioning. Pah! Sack up! Maybe I'm just in awe at the power of nature in some of the more remote parts of the planet. Anyway, it was good to get a quick dose of an interesting TV programme before the pish of Idiots in a House grips an Idiot Nation for the rest of the summer. This morning a new, ultra light and very cheap summer sleeping bag and a frivolous titanium gadget turned up in the post. Wish i was going camping! It doesn't have to be anywhere dramatic or adventurous today, I'd be just as happy if it was down to the caves with my friends (one of last summer's outings pictured above). Good times.

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