Monday, 9 June 2008

It's a mere flesh wound

I'm still crook. My ankle isn't healing up properly so i'm going back to see the doctor on Wednesday. I knew this would happen. I'd hoped it was just going to be a slight ligament strain but somethings not right. Time to cut through the usual NHS bullshit and tell them what I want to happen i.e. get it scanned and get straight into physio because i don't want to spend another summer sitting around watching crap on tv because i'm too crook to go out and do interesting things. I don't want to be indoors anymore. There is only so much surfing on the internet (actually, there is a LOT) that one person can do before they're forced to take a break and watch some TV. Then within minutes of watching TV you wish you were back on the internet. At least with the internet you can control what you watch. Reminds me of something PTC* said in his blog - "If I don’t flip channels during adverts it’s becoming increasingly difficult for me not to leap from the chair and smash the television to pieces."
I know exactly how he feels today.

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