Sunday, 7 October 2012


I passed a milestone yesterday. A milestone if you're wrapped up in the decimal system. The modern worlds need to divide and multiply in tens which means reaching 40 caused some of my friends and family to behave oddly. I didn't feel any different thankfully and managed to sail through the day without suddenly buying slippers and a pipe.

Today I continued to pass milestones. Theses ones were actually made of stone and helped keep me on track as I wandered above the city, the hills cloaked in a thick cape of clag as banks of clouds colluded over Ulriken. Days of rain softened the trail in places like cloying chocolate mousse while thankfully the rockier areas drain quickly but leave the exposed rock slick and waiting to ambuscade.

Heretic! Heretic! Gore Tex boots...

I steamed and dripped through forested sections while whisps of cloud brushed the tree tops. Higher trails required me to hunker down in three hoods, fists balled tightly in my sleeves and my camera holstered. Wind and hail scouring my back. Not many people around today and only a frog and a vole providing any semblance of wild life. I didn't see a single bird. Dropping over the far ridge I passed a few cherry-cheeked runners, huffing and puffing to the summit in full-length clothing. Knitted hats and gloves. Winter cometh.

The lower valley, back towards the city was a kaleidoscope of autumnal colour. I had picked the right direction for my loop today, the headwind down here suffused slightly by the thousands of leaves, jiving uncontrollably in the breeze. Last dance. The first frost will cut them down and carpet the trails with their heavily patinaed hues. 

So another year passes, another season. Milestone after milestone.

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