Saturday, 2 July 2011

"What's going on buddy?" "You're being put into carbon-freeze"

Yep, things will be a little quiet on this blog for a while as I head out to enjoy the simple life for a couple of weeks with Thomas, backpacking north on the Jotunheimstien trail in southern Norway and then 10 days with M, south on the Rondanestien trail. I had every intention of trying to round up some guest bloggers for your entertainment but I've been too busy with running our Summer Camp at school and too tired after weighing and packing 24 days of food to get around to organising it. I like the guest blogger concept and have enjoyed posting on a couple of blogs, most notably Hendrik's where some good discussion took place on the merits of leaving those pesky rain pants behind. The irony being that I've decided to take mine on my month long trip due to the weather forecast, the length of time away and varied terrain of the journey. Those desperate for a fix of my ramblings would do good to keep an eye out on Beni's blog in the near future...

I will endeavour to try a bit of very simple, low-tech mobile blogging, just to keep you up to date with our progress and you'll be able to follow our progress on my SPOT page when it's activated on Monday.

Have a great summer, whatever you're up to. I'll see you in Jabba's palace, when Leia defrosts me from my carbonite.

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