Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Thunder on the Tundra - The Gear - Final gear list

I like lists. My brain is wired that way. Sure, sometimes I'll just throw stuff in my backpack for short trips in the summer (a sure fire way to leave your NeoAir behind...) but I still draw up a spreadsheet for bigger undertakings. Our trip to Finnmarksvidda was such an undertaking. Forgetting an essential piece of gear in that environment wouldn't just be an inconvenience, it could be potentially dangerous. So to wrap up my coverage of this amazing trip I've posted my final gear list here, together with pre and post-trip comments. I hope some of you find it interesting, especially when thinking about your winter trips next season. Leave any questions as a comment and I'll try my best to justify the choices I made.

The Picasa web album of our trip has also now been made public so pop over for a look at some of the photos that didn't make it onto our blog posts by clicking here.


Stefan said...

Just out of curiosity, what food do you carry for 850grams/day?

Joe Newton said...

Stefan - a day's ration looked something like this:


(just out of view are the two slices of Polarbrod and a couple of snack sized chorizio sausages) with the addition of an oat breakfast:


and a Real Turmat freeze dried dinner. It was just enough calories each day to keep me going for a week. Any longer and I would have to consider stepping up the amount of food as my metabolism was starting to perk up sharply towards the end.