Tuesday, 3 November 2009

"And like that, he was gone!"

(psst! - this should have been posted two weeks ago!)

Probably thanks to Kate and her assumption that I should be waxing up the skis, not dreaming about crampons, the snow that last week carpeted the hills above Bergen has retreated to higher elevations. This was especially galling as I had told friends that winter's grip was starting to tighten on our environment and that they should come and see how pretty the snow looked in the sunshine.

We still had a fantastic day out, exploring new trails, mentally and visually connecting them with ones we already knew and appreciating new viewpoints. We even got a bit of scrambling in, finding a steep notch in the side of Vidden that would have been a bit of a pickle in the snow and ice. No snow forecast this week but there is the promise of blue skies, sunshine and sub-zero temperatures!


Hendrik M said...

Nice photos, and good to see you online again! We had a tiny little snow last weekend, and -8°C during the night. Trip Report is up, so have a look ;)

Thunder In The Night said...

Hendrik - you don't realise how much we rely on the internet until it's gone! Now all I need is a new, faster computer to take advantage of the high speed connection. I saw your trip report, it looked a wee bit nippy!

kate said...

ok, in my best michael fish impression, "there will be no snow this week"

Hendrik M said...

Joe, get a Mac! Really happy with mine, since over three years.

Thunder In The Night said...

Kate - It almost worked, thanks for the sunshine! :-)

Hendrik - when I get a new one it will be a MacBook for sure.