Friday, 23 October 2009

Ticket to ride

Ahh, more Joy of Parcels, although not strictly gear (unless I can use the Tyvek envelope as a tiny groundsheet). My passport has finally arrived although too late for my planned trip to Finland :-(
I am still without internet so recent adventures will have to wait to be posted. For the time being I will try and keep things up-to-date via my phone. Not ideal I know.
It seems I have entered a game of on-line jinxing. After warning Kate on the dangers of her recent spannering she managed a pretty nasty nail fail. In return Kate commented on my recent snowy adventures and promptly made the snow dissapear. We are even, for now. I dare not mention anything about the OMM she is about to attempt, especially after last year.


kate said...

eek! well and truly even...but wait a minuet you just mentioned the omm. hope you don't lose your passport ;)

Thunder In The Night said...

Kate - is OMM like Macbeth? Has it become the mountain marathon that must not be mentioned by name?! Good luck!

I've put the passport in a safe place, one of those places that I will forget when I next need it!

Dave Hanlon said...

Passport = gear. My passport is the most essential pice of gear I own. Anybody living in Holland will confirm that you can't climb a mountain without one.

Thunder In The Night said...

Dave - very true! The question is, do you have a lightweight one? Cuben Fibre cover? Sil-nylon pages?!