Monday, 31 August 2009

3rd time lucky?

Yesterday we tried again to reach the top of a not insignificant hill just outside Bergen called Svinningen (842m). We first tried it in June. Then, despite gorgeous weather, we failed to reach the true summit as we left it too late in the day, with insufficient food and by approaching it from the longest, most difficult route. This time we had time, route and snacks on our side but the weather deteriorated during the approach to a level best described as shitty in the extreme. Lashing rain and driving winds pushed cold water through every conceivable seam, vent and 'waterproof' material we could throw at it. When hardy locals are warning you off attempting it's steep, rocky, exposure-laden ramparts in that kind of weather you pay heed and retreat. Live to fight another day and all that.

Next time hopefully the planets will align and all the necessary factors will be in our favour.

"Damn you Svinningen! You are my Everest!"


Old Winter said...

Bad luck on having to retreat, but it sounds the sensible course of the options available.

The success will be awaiting you another day.

Nielsen Brown said...

Yes there is always another day, and the exhilaration of success you will feel when the peak is reached will make up for all the disappointments of previous trips.

kate said...

Svinningen is laughing at you, she can't believe you tried again ;)

Holdfast said...

Old Winter & Roger - we walked almost the entire approach knowing that we would be defeated this time, it gave us plenty of time to absorb the disappointment! We'll be back.

Kate - he who laughs last, wheezes longest (when we finally battle our way up that steep ascent!)

Dave Hanlon said...

Sounds like my kind of hill! Topping out will taste so sweet when you get around to it.