Monday, 11 May 2009

"Thirteen, this is Houston. Good to see you again"

Although it wasn't full of featherweight sil-nylon goodies or the latest titanium trickery this was a parcel I thought I'd be really excited about. A new modem to replace old Ericisson HD105i who spluttered and wheezed his way to silicon heaven over the course of the past couple of months, providing us with hours, minutes or seconds of internet connectivity a day as the little plastic box deemed fit. When he finally gave up the ghost we went 'off the grid'.

It's been refreshing to be honest. I didn't realise how much I relied on the internet to keep in touch and keep up to date with current events. Over here, in another country, so much of the miasma of daily life just floats by me, un-noticed and unassimilated. Conversations overheard, newspaper headlines full of gossip, advertising in every medium still trying to sell me crap I don't need. All of it, unless I concentrate hard, washes over me like white noise. I find myself a lot less concerned with other people's business.

With the internet I pick and choose where and when to get my information from but without it I've survived. With no daily weather forecast I simply packed a coat, just in case. With no e-mail I called people instead. It even got to the point that with no blogs to read I actually talked more to M about everything. Whether this was a good thing or not you'd have to ask her...

For better or worse we're back.


Hendrik M said...

I'm also really dependent on the internet. Waiting the two months till we finally had the connection up at the flat was crazy. But I agree with you, in the other medias its still the same crap, and with the internet I can choose what to read and do. And as a foreigner in another country its maybe even a tick more important to have this connection to the outside world.

May the connection be fast and your download rates quick with the new modem!

Nielsen Brown said...

Yep great to see you back.

Dave said...

Two weeks and counting... doing some bike riding in preparation for the undoubted hill missions. I now have calfs the size of adders as opposed to slow worms. Can't wait.

Holdfast said...

Hendrik M - the new modem is providing breathtaking download speeds. My connection with the information super highway is now only restricted by my own gradually slowing Thinkpad. I agree with you, given the choice broadband connection would be the first choice above TV and phone.

Nielsen - thanks, it's good to be in touch again!

Dave - I dread to think how much my legs will scream when I dust off the Cannondale after 8 months off it!