Monday, 30 March 2009

The times they are a-changin'

Turning a corner. Not quickly, with G-forces trying to snap your neck, but slowly, almost unperceivable movement. Incrementally every day. The one hour leap forward of Daylight Saving has been the only jolt on the long sweeping clockwise bend into spring as the earth tilts once again in favour of the those of us in the northern hemisphere.

For those of us even higher on the earths surface this turn is still way off pining the apex. On Sunday we visited the Arboretum, out on the rocky coast, south of the city and dreamed of summer evenings, swimming in the fjords. Flowers were starting to brave the nippy air and the extra hour meant that it stays light here until 8.30p.m. already.

Sunday lunch consisted of garage forecourt hotdogs and a 5km long detour to eat them that took us quickly into a landscape 500m above sea level that is till very much in the grips of winter, reluctant to let go, but letting go it is. Winter's grip on the landscape is slipping, it's hold on the mountains greased by snow-melt.


PTC said...

Sorry, but if been the photographer you'd have been hearing "Back a bit, back a bit, a wee bit more..."


Joe Newton said...

Ha ha ha ha! The reason I'm not standing right on the end when the photo was taken is that the clear water afforded a perfect view of the abyss-like depth of the fjord when I first walked out on it. Coupled with the bounciness of the diving board it gave me a dose of the heebie-jeebies!