Friday, 6 February 2009

Sweet new ride

So I finally got a bank account and my first pay check. Life is sweet. To repay M's generosity these past few months I decided to splash out and buy her a sweet new ride so she doesn't have to walk to work in the cold, dark, snowy mornings anymore.

I wanted something that would handle the cold and snow well. The road conditions will be icy until March/April and maybe even May in the mountains.

I decided on automatic transmission just to make life easier for her. There are so many hills around here and the city centre can be really stop-start at rush hour.

I splashed the cash and went for the option of upgraded upholstery and bucket-style 'sports' seat for the driver.

I even went as far as speccing some go-faster-stripe type detailing just to make it a bit special and show her how much I appreciate her looking after me since we got here. Nothing's too good for my lady.

I gave it a quick test drive yesterday. It's perfect. Nice and quick and the handling is pretty tight once you get used to it.

I hope she likes it. She seemed excited when I told her that I'd finally been paid and that she'd no longer have to walk everywhere.

I can't wait to see her face when she gets home from work!

Oh yeah!


Nielsen Brown said...

Yeah I recognise the "hassles" of getting bank accounts etc in a country where you were not born in, always a challenge. However, love the present look forward to the movies of M "screaming" down the slopes. The kids at school will certainly be jealous : )

Holdfast said...

Nielsen - M's been working really hard recently so I thought nothing says 'well done' like a bottle of wine, flowers and plastic sled. She gets plenty of practice on these sleds at work and it certainly showed yesterday!