Monday, 2 February 2009

Share the love

On Sunday we invited a few friends to join us for afternoon stroll around our backyard and then indulge in some Shepherds Pie, which I had cooked two mahoosive ones of the night before. A rabble of expats and locals turned up at the allotted time and we showed them around one of our regular loops on the Nattlandsfjellet Ridge.

Everyone enjoyed the views over the city and we spent lunchtime pointing out our homes and places of work in between mouthfuls of coffee and chocolate. We shared spare hats, gloves and fleeces to keep everyone warm in the icy terrain and freezing wind. We had an impromptu speed skating race across the frozen lake at the top of the illuminated ski trail. Norway v Scotland first. Then England and America joined in and soon it was a free-for-all on the five inch thick rink.

We finished the day with a quick detour up to a trig point for final photies and then headed downhill and back to ours for steaming hot Shepherds Pie and sjokolade pudding with vaniljesaus. Everyone had a great time and for some it opened their eyes to the good hills and trails we have just minutes from the city. All vowed to return. Good times.


ptc* said...

Yes indeed.
It's funny, so often I'm alone in the hills or at camp. But the last big solo day was a couple of months ago now, recently I've been with friends and Joycee has been making it out and it's been great. You don't get so much banter and laughter sitting alone with your book at 900m.
Sharing the joy. Magic.

Holdfast said...

ptc* - plenty of banter and plenty of sights shared. It was a really fun day out. Now if I could just convince some of them to come camping with me. They seem reluctant. Something about it being cold?!

Chris ( said...

Must be something in the air - unusually, a couple of my most recent trips have been with friends too. It's been a lot of fun, but I have a hankering for a solo trip again soon, where it's just me, my thoughts and a bloody big, cold mountain..

Holdfast said...

Chris - mix it up I say. When you're on your own you're beholden to none but when you're with other people you have to compromise on time and distance. Bottom line - it's good to be out. If someone wants to share then that's good too!