Saturday, 3 January 2009

Back in Brrrrrrrrrrrrgen!

Our ten day visit back to Ol' Blighty for the Christmas holidays was over. We'd had a fantastic time but it was now time to head back to Norway. For most of the approach to Bergen our view outside the aircraft was a series of stills, produced by the strobing landing light, each image a maelstrom of swirling cloud and manic snowflakes framed by the plane's wing. Suddenly we dropped through the cloud and glimpsed the on-rushing runway. Ethereal, uniform whiteness, tinged with warmth from the airport's halogen bulbs made me hope that our plane was running studded snow tyres like all the cars.

"Welcome to Bergen airport. The temperature outside is -6C and the weather is snowing".


Nielsen Brown said...

Welcome back, no snow here but will not get above zero before Tuesday. Hope you get time to play in the snow on the hills.

Holdfast said...

Nielsen - it's good to be back. We had a little rain last night but there is still plenty of the white stuff around. A day out in the hills is pencilled in for tomorrow. Still no tent but plenty of other Christmas presents to be tried out!