Friday, 21 November 2008

The white stuff: a photo essay of my Friday morning

Well it kept on snowing. Luckily I had a late shift so I got to go out and play. As I walked up the road I could see the whole city had been blessed with a dusting.

At the trailhead, behind the recycling bins, the world went eerily quiet. Six inches of snow muffled the sound of Friday morning suburbia behind me and I headed up the switchbacks.

Up on the ridge overlooking the city of Bergen I could see a fjord cruise ship leaving the docks, firing it's water cannons in celebration. High on my chilly vantage point I was grinning from ear to ear.

All around me snow storms were rolling in. I pulled on my Flux, battened down the hatches and with the time for me to head to work rapidly approaching I turned my back to the maelstrom and headed towards home.

The wind blown snow scoured the hillside and obliterated my footsteps coming the other way. The storm blew over after ten minutes and after a while I was back down in the trees under skies that changed from blue to washed out gold and back to leaden grey. It was only a quick 'morning constitutional' and I apologise to anyone who regularly gets to enjoy this kind of weather but I come from the south coast of England and I hadn't seen this much snow for about 25 years!


Martin Rye said...

What a great sight. Winter wonderland for you.

Holdfast said...

Absolutely Martin. I know it won't last for long and I'm dreading the slushy thaw but with temperatures hovering around -4 for the next couple of days I should be able to get out to enjoy it one last time.

ptc* said...