Tuesday, 21 October 2008

The Running Man - "Give me the Justice Department, Entertainment Division"

Running up the mountain at the end of our road keeps me fit. It also lets me play around in the rain like when I was a kid only these days I don't get yelled at to wear my 'big' coat, I'm old enough to wear what I like!

This is my running track. This is after 10 days of rain. The record in Bergen is something like 83 days in a row. I'll swap my trainers for flippers if that happens again.

You know it's a windy day in the hills when the waterfalls don't fall. A waterfall being blown back on itself.

Just to prove it's not all dark skies and precipitation. I managed to capture this sliver of sunshine on the suburbs of Bergen before heading over the edge of the ridge and back down to under-floor heating and porridge.

When conditions are like today you're feet are going to get wet. I don't care what waterproof lining you have in your Nik-Pu-idas pumps water and shin deep bog mud will get in. Deal with it. Wear unlined trainers, a pair of merino socks and keep going. Yes your feet will get wet but they won't be cold. Saying that, later in the year when we're under snow I may try some Rocky Gore Tex socks. I'm skeptical about waterproof socks ever since I tried a pair of Sealskinz. The Horror. The Horror.


petesy said...

I like your running track very much :o)
I wore Sealskinz last weekend and it went surprsingly well, They're still not dry right enough...

Nielsen Brown said...

I have used sealskinz and when necessary I will use them again. But normally I am happy with wet feet, learnt that in South West Tasmania many years ago.

I would be very happy to have such a running/walking track at my doorstep.


Holdfast said...

petesy and nielsen - my main complaint with the Sealskinz is that they try and do two jobs (act as a sock AND as a waterproof layer) and don't seem to get either one quite right. Firstly they take AGES to dry out when they do get wet and secondly the fit, which I understand is personal, means there is not quite enough tension around the calf, potentially allowing water in. My last point is that you need a slightly larger shoe to accommodate them and a liner sock so if you're buying a specific 'winter' shoe why not go for a GTX lined one that negates the need for the Sealskinz. Or am I missing something?