Friday, 26 September 2008

Schools out forever!

Well maybe not forever but as we head into the half-term break at the end of my first two weeks working as a teaching assistant at an international school I'm glad to be having a week off. Fingers crossed we may go away for a few days and climb some mountains. Fingers crossed my care package of goodies from Blighty may show up. Fingers crossed the weather forecast will be wrong again.


Nielsen Brown said...

We have to wait 2 more weeks for our break. Hope the sun keeps shining till then and shines in Bergen for you now.

Holdfast said...

Cheers Neilsen. To be honest they've mis-timed the half-term break and it's a loooong term until Christmas. We're leaving Bergen for a few days in search of better weather as this is our last chance for a multi-day trip for nearly three months.