Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Do you want the good news or the bad news first?

Well the good news is that our belongings have finally turned up in Norway. Two south London geezers turned up in a colossal articulated wagon and proceeded to unload all our boxes into our host's garage while we wait to move into our apartment next week sometime. Although everything is still packed away and taped up it's good to know that everything is here and that we have a list that tells us which box everything is in should we need it in the meantime. I will unbox my bike tomorrow and check it's still straight!

The bad news is that after three weeks of near perfect summer sunshine classic Bergen weather has remembered where it lives and has come home to stay for a while. It absolutely chucked it down today and we're promised unsettled weather for the rest of the week. Ahh, we had it coming.


Sigh Not Simon said...

Hey there Joe,
Loving your blog so far. Making me wonder if you do anything 'normal' in that there Norway! By normal, I mean the other stuff that occurs before, after and in between the massive physical adventures you're enjoying!
Judging by the gap in your posts, I'm guessing you've been playing with all your stuff you've had delivered in boxes. An early Xmas? Keep up the posts, even if the rain (or anything else for that matter) has kept you from exploring your new environment.


Holdfast said...

Hey Cy,

Thanks for the comment. I get up to plenty of 'normal' mundane tasks being a full time 'house bitch' as M calls me. I didn't think anyone wanted to read about how I didn't realise the oven was fan-assisted or that the wool detergent wasn't fabric conditioner (Damn these Norwegian instructions!). Hopefully these issues will be resolved when I start Norwegian classes in a couple of weeks and I may soon have a job as a classroom assistant at an international school. Hopefully have a post up soon of our new digs, we should be properly moved-in in the next day or so. Thanks for watching!