Wednesday, 13 August 2008

I am a mole and I live in a hole

Drove along the most amazing road today on our way to the Dale of Norway factory. The E16 from Bergen to Voss. It hugs the curvy coastline of numerous fjords and dissapears intermittently through tunnels up to 2km long. One minute we were diving through darkness, the next we crashed into bright sunshine or thundering rainstorms depending on what the weather was doing in each of the valleys we raced through. Each time we rifled out of a tunnel we were met with spectacular scenery, soaring sheer rock faces, vast vistas down immense fjords, perilously perched enclaves of wooden houses and the constant threat of huge juggernauts barrelling along the road without giving a damn how wide our wee hire Polo is. We stopped in Dale for coffee and waffles with jam and sour cream before pointing the car towards Bergen, cranking up Meatloaf on the radio and grinning from ear to ear as we swooped back through the tunnels.


Sigh Not Simon said...

The holy grail of performance clothing.....
I simply must have 'masculine leggings' although, until there's a South Park fancy dress, I will be giving the Perfect Star Anorak a miss.

PS - Sour cream and jam - Oh how you all scoffed when I suggested the obvious pairing several years ago!

Holdfast said...

Take a look at Dale's 'Heritage' range then....!

For lunch today I had a type of sour cream porridge called Rommergrot. I love Norwegian food!