Thursday, 31 July 2008

New toy: Princeton Tec Scout headtorch

The humble headtorch has come a long way since the miner's carbide cap lamps of yesteryear. You can get modern LED headtorches that will burn retinas at 100 paces but for most jobs around camp a couple of LEDs and a few small batteries will suffice. So the Princeton Tec Scout replaced my ageing Petzl headtorch. Weighing 54g with batteries its as light as an empty nut sack. It has loads of neat details: it runs off four wee 2032 watch batteries, has 2 super bright LEDs, tilt function, 5 lighting modes (including a epilepsy-inducing flashing mode) and my model came with a Tackleberry-approved camo headband for stealthy overnight missions! Looks like a practical, neat and very light lamp for under £20. I will report back after some field testing.

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