Monday, 14 July 2008

Jurassic Dinner

When i got home after my little overnighter with my brother i could tell my girlfriend was feeling neglected and in need of some 'nature'. Not needing any excuse to get out again i whipped together some haloumi and veg kebabs, grabbed my AGG stove, a disposable bbq and a couple of whole fresh mackeral and headed off to Kimmeridge. Whilst my girlfriend went beachcombing for fossils and lay in the sunshine i got down to throwing the food on the grill. It was a great way to finish the weekend, the food was great and a hot chocolate drink, stirred with a shard of chocolate kept the heat in when the sun dipped behind the cliffs.


petesy said...

I rarley respond (positively) to advertising, but that photie has me heading for the kitchen.

Holdfast said...

The thought of that tea has me heading down to Kimmeridge again this week for a repeat performance.