Wednesday, 11 June 2008

...a little patience, yeah, yeah...

Just got back from the doctors. Got to see a different GP this time, a young guy who does a lot of running so actually had a good conversation about my ankle, flexibility, pronation, physiotherapy, etc. Thinks everything is healing up fine. Still going to take time to heal properly but i've got my physiotherapy to do (gotta keep doing my ABC's), i can start doing some more no-impact exercising and he recommended i got some new running shoes for when i can start running again (mine are old and battered). I'm very impatient when i'm recovering from injury. I remember when i had my reconstruction surgery after destroying my knee. It drove me nuts just sitting around, playing hour after hour of Pro Evo and Medal of Honour. Must learn to be more patient. Actually, being more patient would have stopped me being injured in the first place!

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