Tuesday, 17 June 2008

All systems go!

We are go! Go! Go! My girlfriend got the job in Bergen, Norway and we're taking this opportunity to try living somewhere completely different. I love Norway, I think I'm more excited than her about this. Things are only just settling in about how much work it will be to get organised to move lock stock and both effing barrels but it'll be so worth it. Obviously I'll have to learn the language but thankfully I've found a great way to learn Norwegian. Bergen is surround by mountains and there will be snow in the winter. I cannae wait!


petesy said...


Holdfast said...

Too right petesy, we're gonna be right in the thick of it. Mountains on my door step and proper weather too. Suddenly all the stories on your blog about crampons and ice axes dosn't seem like another world. Time to pay attention!